Polina Pizzeria (restaurant)


Polina Pizzeria



Polina Pizzeria is the restaurant we went to visited in the Quebec City. This restaurant is located in Rue Saint Louis and is near to the Fairmont Le Château Frontenac. As you can see that the name of the restaurant is an Italian name, so it is clear that this is an Italian restaurant selling pizza and pasta. When I walked into this restaurant their environment is very clean and the atmosphere is also good

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This is what I ate when we were visiting this restaurant. The food is delicious and not too expensive. I think most people can afford it. But there is a one thing I do not accept it is when we order the food we have to wait for 45 for our order. They take too much time for making food because at that we were in hurry. We have to finish our food as fast as we can, so I recommend them have to work on their speed for making a meal.


This is the restaurant information:

Address: 44 Rue Saint Louis, Ville de Quebec, QC G1R 3Z1

Opening hours: 11AM-11PM

Phone: (418)-614-1202

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