Experience in Quebec city – Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac

2017114Québec City_171112_0014

2017114Québec City_171112_0022


This is my second time go to Quebec City. I went there for my first time in May. I was traveling by myself with a tour group. I knew this place it is because of the Korean drama called Goblin. They shot the drama here in Old Quebec so I was excited about going there as fast as I can. I have been there for my second just a few days ago by our school trip. I am lucky because on the day we visited the weather was nice and it is a sunny day but also it was cold either.

2017114Québec City_171112_0018

Old Quebec is an impressive historic fortress with active military service. This tradition has been going strong since 1928. Our school brings us into the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. This hotel is full of historic atmosphere. I was surprised that this hotel has maintained so well for such a long time. In this hotel, they also keep some of the utensils and things they have used for a long time ago and some of them remain well. It is also like a small history museum.

2017114Québec City_171112_0016

2017114Québec City_171112_0020

This is my favorite part of the hotel because when I was little my parents have brought me to many kinds of the hotel in Taiwan. I have never seen this kind bar before so I was impressed with this scene when I just walk in this place. I hope if one day I can work in this such as an amazing place for serving people.

2017114Québec City_171112_0019

2017114Québec City_171112_0015

This is the place for people holding banquets, events, and conventions. Here can accommodate a lot of people around 200 ~ 300 people. For me, I usually only seen in a movie where you can find a place for holding banquets and events, so I was dreaming about if I can a big birthday party in this such beautiful place I will be so happy.


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