Oyster Omelet (蚵仔煎)

Photo credit : Flickr

As the picture shows, it is a street food in Taiwan, which is called oyster omelet. It is delicious and I think it can be more acceptable for most of the people who have never tried this type of food before.

Oyster omelet looks like a pancake which combines salty and sweet flavor together. Almost everybody in Taiwan loves it, which makes it a must in Taiwan’s night market. People always say that if you have never tried this in the night market, do not say you have been to the night market in Taiwan.

This is my mother’s favorite street food in the night market. Each time when I go to a night market I always buy it for my mother. I always saw a lot of people queue up for Oyster Omelet. Even though I know I have to wait for a long time, it is worthy. Because it tastes unbelievable.

Oyster omelet has 4 major ingredients, oyster, powdered sweet potato starch, eggs, and greens onion. Additionally, people like to add a little sweet chili sauce on top of it.

I highly recommend oyster omelet for the people who love seafood and this is a wonderful and healthy combination of vitamin, protein, and starch.

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  1. This is the most popular dish of Taiwan to me because I have heard this dish in so many tv shows from Taiwan. Your post is making me want to try it so badly, it looks really nice and tasty. I hope there will be a really good restaurant offering some traditional Taiwan cuisine.


    1. Come to Taiwan I will bring you anything you want to eat in Taiwan. All of them taste really good. If you want I can also bring you to some traditonal and famous restaurant in Taiwan. It is my pleasure.


  2. I have tasted it in Xiamen in the night market along the street ,I want to try it in Taiwan.It rally taste good , I like the flavor of it although I do not like the onion. My favorite part of this is the egg,it is really soft.When I eat it ,I usually put a lot of sweet chili sauce on top of it .—-Zhiqi Wang


    1. I am glad you like Oyster omelet. Same as me my favorite part is the egg it is soft taste really good. I hope if in the future you have chance come to Taiwan. I will bring you try other delicious foods in the night market.


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