Stinky tofu (臭豆腐)

Stinkender_Tofu_1 (1)
Photo credit : Wikimedia Commous

Does anyone ever hear about a street food called stinky tofu?

Stinky tofu was invented in China in the 1600s, and now it is very popular in Taiwan. Whenever you go to a night market they all sell stinky tofu. But there are several types of tofu,  you can choose which one you would like to try.

Stinky tofu is basically fermented tofu that is deep fried. It includes pickled cabbages soy sauce and bruised ginger.

The smell cannot always be accepted by people who try stinky tofu for the first time. I know a lot of people from foreign countries can not usually accept it because of the smell.  Some people think it smells like stinky socks so that it is disgusting to swallow. For me, I do not share the feelings with those who mind the taste and smell because I have been eating stinky tofu for almost 10 years.

I think when people willing to try how is the taste of the stinky tofu and without thinking about the smell. I think they will become a big fan of the stinky tofu like me.

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  1. eatwithcc says:

    I really like these street food especially stinky tofu; however, i also know it is not healthy. Your article let me miss that time I was in China. There are also a lot of street food such as stink tofu, fired chicken and so on. I hope I can see more article about Taiwan street food in your blog.


    1. Stinky tofu is my favorite food in a night market. Everytime I go to a night market I always want to eat it. If I do not eat stinky tofu I will feel sad. I try my best to post more street food on my blog.


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